Additional Services

In addition to guiding and sonar training, Pike Pole Fishing offers a variety of other fishing related services, including discounted lodging, seminars, demo boat rides, and fundraiser donations. Detailed information about these services are listed below. For more information or to schedule an event please contact us at 608-290-3929.

Discounted Lodging Accomidations

Guests booking fishing trips with us are eligible for discounted lodging throughout areas we cover. Lodging facilities include a variety of hotels and rental homes, depending on availability. Make sure to ask us about these discounts when booking your trip.


PPF conducts seminars on various fishing topics. Costs for this service vary upon event type/location. Please call to discuss pricing. Some of the popular topics we cover are:

- Humminbird sonar operation (For Anglers)
This seminar includes discussion of the basic operation of all Humminbird sonar units and advanced operation of side scan/down imaging sonar units.

- Humminbird sonar operation (For Rescue personnel)
This seminar includes discussion of the basic operation of all Humminbird sonar units and advanced operation of side scan/down imaging sonar units for rescue personnel.

- General fish behavior 
This seminar includes detailed discussion of fish activity in a variety of circumstances. We cover weather effects, feeding cycles, specific species spawning behavior, and much more.

- River Walleye Tactics
This seminar discusses a variety of topics, including fish location, identifying structure with sonar, jigging tactics, trolling tactics, pulling flies, and much more.

- Walleye Behavior and Trolling Tactics
This seminar focuses on open water walleye behavior and trolling tactics used to catch them. We cover precision trolling and sonar use in detail, along with discussion on using snap weights, bottom bouncers, crankbaits, and spinner harnesses.

- Ice Fishing Tactics
This seminar includes discussion of winter fish behavior and different ice fishing tactics, including jigging, tip-up use, and flasher/sonar operation. We also cover newly released ice products from many companies.

- Open Water and Ice Season Safety
This seminar includes discussion of general safety precautions for both open water and ice season. We cover topics such as legal requirements of anglers, needed safety equipment, and what to do in emergency situations. We also conduct some basic hands-on first aid training.

Lund Boat Demo Rides

PPF offers free demo rides aboard our Lund Pro V fishing boat during the summer season. If you are interested in driving and understanding the features of any Lund boat, please call us. We love being on the water even if we're not fishing!


We donate five trips per year. These donations can be requested after January 1st each year and are given out on a first come basis. To request a donation, please send us an email and include the following information:

- Organization/Cause you represent

- Date the donation is needed by

- Contact person